A Story of Transformation

Dec 13, 2016
By Marian Owusu Afriyie; Edited by Katie Hackett 

“I thank God for my sponsor,” says Adam, 17.
As a young boy, he was upset because he couldn’t go to school. With a large family, his parents couldn’t afford the textbooks, shoes or uniforms that were required.

In fact, just providing food for the children was a struggle.
Adam’s dad recalls those days very clearly – days without safe drinking water and extreme financial hardship. When World Vision partnered with Tolon-Kumbungu, the help they received through agricultural training, water solutions and health care made a big difference.
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“I must say, the burden of parents has been reduced so we are now able to take care of our children,” says the father of ten.
Adam agrees.
“My family was provided with rabbits, which give us food and this also allows us to sell some for educational needs,” he says.
Adam credits the relationship with his sponsor as another source of support.
“My dream is to complete university and become a doctor,” he says. “And I believe I will make it, when I obey my sponsor’s constant encouragement to learn hard.”
Thanks to the support of Canadians, kids like Adam in Tolon-Kumbungu now have more support for their education.
  • 20 new reading clubs, special events like spelling bees and new learning equipment have helped motivate and energize students.
  • During World Vision's partnership with the community, school retention improved from 32% to 97%.