Oscar Takes on a Personal Cause: Child Abuse

Oct 28, 2016
By Nigel Marsh; Edited by Katie Hackett

Meet law student Oscar Zamora, age 24. He’s been volunteering with World Vision since 2012, raising awareness about important issues like hunger and child abuse.

Abuse of children—particularly domestic abuse—is a problem in Nicaragua that Oscar is committed to changing.

"I got deeply committed to the cause of child protection,” he says. “For me, it was very important to become an agent of change in my community and my own family."
It’s a personal issue for Oscar. As a child he was physically abused by his mom. Now he’s persuading other family members to adopt a more loving approach to their own children.

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Oscar acknowledges that it's unusual for a single man with no kids of his own to speak out about disciplining children—habits that are strongly held in the culture—but he’s found a ready audience in local churches and among neighbours.
"I have appeared on television and, when I got home, I found people looking at me strangely in the street. Then they started coming to me in my home and asking advice about everything, just because I had been on TV!"