From hunger to plenty

Nov 14, 2016
By World Vision Kenya; Edited by Katie Hackett

Before World Vision came to Taveta, Jackson says his farmland was waterlogged and useless. There were food shortages and many families relied on handouts from the government.

"Thank God for bringing World Vision, who opened our eyes,"  he says. "[They] walked together with us from a land of hunger to a land of plenty."

Jackson and many other farmers received training in new irrigation techniques. By digging trenches, they were able to divert water into the nearby lake, making their land useable. Jackson reclaimed a half acre of his property.

Invest in the future of a farmer. Give families a source of income with training, seeds and tools.

"I planted tomatoes together with maize," he says. "I was able to harvest."

After feeding his family, there was enough left over to sell. With the profits, he's paid school fees for four of his children and covered other household needs.

"Now I am sustainable," says Jackson. "Long live World Vision."