Fridges fund families

Aug 08, 2017
By Coumba Betty Diallo; Edited by Leanna Cappiello

In the south region of the country, this village is isolated from all things urban. The local primary school doesn’t have enough rooms for children or teachers, water facilities are not up to par, and parents find themselves helpless to financial burdens.

“There was no kindergarten [classroom] for children in the village, which made it difficult for parents to keep an eye on them. Some parents take their children with them to the farming fields just to be able to watch them,” says the development center supervisor, Gadio.

So, World Vision got to work, using the local community development center as a classroom for children under six. Here, they could have access to proper facilities to improve their well-being.
Supply a classroom and help children flourish in school. 

“My child [Nene] is very interested in this center because she feels better there and she is able to play with the other kids and also learn at the same time,” says Djeinaba, a mother.

This centre has become not only a beneficial learning space for the children, but a source of income and livelihood for the whole village. Recently, a solar-powered refrigerator was installed in the centre. This fridge started empowering the community, particularly women, to become more independent and to provide better nutrition to their children. 

Even with all these beneficial changes, this village still lacks clean drinking and gardening water. Since the only source is an old well, the water is more likely to be contaminated and possibly deadly for children.

But there is hope. Parents are able to now send their kid to school in a better facility, and maybe even afford to pay their fees.