Pastor Stanley's Change of Heart

Nov 15, 2016
By Crislyn Felisilda; Edited by Katie Hackett

​Stanley is a pastor in South Cotabato, but in the past he wasn’t focused on caring for children.

“I didn’t think of defending children’s rights as part of God’s creation,” he admits

He knew girls from certain tribes were being married as young as 15, and he knew many families were treating their children poorly, but these issues were considered long-standing cultural norms.
“I didn’t think of it as something harmful,” Stanley explains. “However, I realized that early marriage prevents both girls and boys from opportunities to attain a better future. I could see their struggle every day […] but I overlooked the opportunity to influence something for these children.”
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After attending a week-long child protection training with World Vision, Stanley’s views about children were transformed, and he left determined to use his position in the community for good.
“I have an important role in influencing people,” he said following the session. “I’m planning to gather the Sunday school teachers, youth and adults. My prayer is that God will use me so that they, too, will be moved. It’s not yet too late.”