Proving Her Doubters Wrong

Aug 08, 2017
By Mong Jimenez; Edited by Leanna Cappiello

​Tall and thin, 20-year-old Queenie seems like an average young adult. A passer-byer may not know the power she harnesses in her seemingly gentle fingers. She has already mastered the forging of two metals.

Many in her neighbourhood doubted her abilities, but she’s really shown them what she’s capable of. "My neighbours would say that I couldn't pass this welding training because I am a female. Look at where I am right now, I proved them wrong," says Queenie. She has completed two welding courses to date.

“Look at where I am now, I can perform a man’s job,” she says. Queenie’s need to prove herself is rooted in the difficulties she faced when she was very young. Born into a meager family, she was exposed life’s harsh realities early.

Her elementary and high school years weren’t easy. It was her dream to provide her family a comfortable life. Her ambitions seemed like a pipe dream after she found out that her parents couldn’t afford to send her to college.

Help a child realize their full potential. Give the gift of education.

Thankfully, Queenie’s exceptional academic performance in high school qualified her for a World Vision college scholarship. She was enrolled in a 30-day welding skills training. “When this scholarship opportunity was offered to me, I didn’t hesitate to grab it,” Queenie shared.

However, Queenie’s struggles didn’t leave her after she was enrolled. She faced countless pressure of doing well in her class. “Learning the skill of welding wasn’t easy. It takes a lot of focus and effort to do it,” Queenie shared.

After completing the 30-day training, the next step was for Queenie to complete certification tests to earn an official certificate. She passed with flying colours on her first attempt.

“Queenie was a very hard-working student and she was dedicated in her lessons. I am proud of what she has accomplished,” said Michael Patan-ao, the school administrator. 

Queenie hopes to find a stable job after her internship.