Clean Water Aids Education

Aug 08, 2017
By Joelma Pereira; Edited by Leanna Cappiello

Education is a tool that has the power to equip a person for life. Whether formal education or workshops for everyday living, World Vision prioritizes learning of every kind. Sadly, not every child has the opportunity to go to school.

For children in crisis and conflict areas in Chad, getting an education" even for water, sanitation in hygiene" is an even bigger challenge. Many social and cultural factors add to the complexity of the crisis in this already absent educational environment. In Chad, formal education is not considered a priority.

Nevertheless, World Vision fights for the education of every child.

To improve the educational experience, focusing on sanitation and hygiene in schools is also a priority for World Vision. In addition to the drilling and rehabilitating of boreholes, emergency latrines, soap distribution and hand-washing kits, children get formally educated on proper hand-washing techniques.

This has changed the daily reality of many children, including 12-year-old Abubacar, a refugee child living in the region's settlement.

"In the past, my friends and I had to take drinking water to school. But before coming to school, I had to fetch 75 liters of water for the house," says Abubacar. For the young boy, having safe water in his school means that he can now drink as much water as he needs and wash his hands easily.

"The teacher used to get upset, because I used to get late to classes all the time," he continues. "I now have free time to play football with my friends in the school playground." These projects help children like Abubacar spend less time fetching water and more time going to school.

World Vision is not only providing safe water to Abubacar and his friends in the settlement school, but also supporting his dream. When asked what he wants to become when he's finished school, Abubacar promptly answers, "To become a Red Cross health worker, to help sick people in need.

Provide the gift of life with clean water and sanitation.