Working toward family peace

Oct 06, 2016
Deisy, 38, lives in Santa Ana. She's the hard-working mom of two teenage boys, Cesar and Jordan. Today the family is united and happy, but Deisy recalls more tumultuous times in their not-so-distant past. With her husband Richard working long hours and her boys rebelling, Deisy says she became worried, desperate, and even aggressive. 

I screamed and cried," Deisy remembers. "My older son ignored me. He came home late every night and did not tell me where he was going. There is so much danger, I thought that one day I would lose him." This period of tension lasted for years, but in recent months things have been changing.

Deisy has become involved with World Vision as a community volunteer. Attending parenting workshops has equipped her with more effective ways to guide her sons. "I try to be more understanding, and communicate more with them," she says. "My children are also changing their attitude towards me. I will always be grateful to World Vision. Thank you, really!"

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