Good glasses, good grades

Jan 27, 2017
By World Vision Guatemala; Edited by Katie Hackett

Maritza is a sponsored child from San Pedro. Her family makes a living by farming and her mom is a housemaid. She has a sister and two brothers.

When Maritza started school at age six, she formed good relationships with her teacher and classmates, and always got good grades.

“She is a very active and smart girl,” her teacher says.

When Maritza turned eight last year, her teacher noticed that she was having difficulties with her reading and her grades were starting to slip. He became concerned when he saw that Maritza’s eyes were red, so he got in touch with World Vision staff members and Maritza’s mom.

After a trip to the health centre, Maritza was evaluated and received a glasses prescription
Thanks to the teacher’s intervention and World Vision’s support, Maritza’s parents were able to buy her glasses.

“My daughter can see well now,” says her mom.

Maritza is happy at school again and her grades are back to normal.

“I want to thank those who supported me in buying my glasses,” says Maritza. “Thanks to them, now I can see better and I have also improved my reading in school.”

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