Covered market means quality produce for Rugarama's farmers

Nov 15, 2016
By World Vision Rwanda; Edited by Katie Hackett 

​When an enterprising group of 32 women started selling produce along a main road in Rugarama, they quickly encountered a challenge. In the hot sun or rain, it was impossible to keep their fruits and vegetables in good shape.

To support the women in their efforts, World Vision partnered with them to build a covered shelter.
Now, the number of sellers has more than doubled and the vendors report their produce quality and profits have increased.

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Emilienne says she’s able to work longer hours now and can even sell during the rainy season, which wasn't possible before. Her daily income has increased from $9 to $16.

Like many farmers, Deus used to waste money traveling to markets outside of Rugarama. With the new covered market, he can trade locally instead, and his profits have nearly doubled.
“The income I generate helps me to cover the basic needs for my six children,” he says.