Seng's family no longer fears him

Oct 06, 2016
By World Vision Cambodia; Edited by Katie Hackett 

Seng is married, the father of six daughters and one son. He's held jobs as a fisherman, construction worker and is now a photographer, but for years, his family feared him.

"I was a bad-tempered, mean husband and father," says Seng, 55. "They were afraid to look at my face because they were scared of me." 

In 2008, Seng started brushing shoulders with World Vision staff. He noticed how well they treated others. He attended training sessions on topics like domestic violence, children's rights and good parenting. "Those trainings helped me transform from my old life"where I was bad tempered, mean and easily offended"to become a kind, gentle and peaceful person," Seng says.

To say his family is happy with this transformation is an understatement. "I almost can't believe he has changed like this," says his wife. "I was so scared and never had hope that my husband would become kind." Not only does Seng treat his family well, today he's a respected leader in Ponleu Knong Chet, committed to serving the poor" especially children. "I will share what I have experienced with my neighbours, so they can learn like I have," says the dad. "I thank God and World Vision, who helped shape me to become a good husband, father and community leader."

A couple poses to the picture with the husband with his arm around his wife.
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