A committed church in action

Apr 26, 2017
By Israel Ortega Carcamo; Edited by Leanna Cappiello

In a community that typically suffers from broken family relationships, many fall prey to alcohol and drug additions.

For those seeking good moral guidance to a healthier life, a committed church community supports its members in many ways: living peacefully without violence, mending relationships, even kicking bad habits. 

According to one study conducted by the Honduran Institute for Prevention of Alcoholism in 2014, more alcohol was consumed than liters of milk. This statistic put the problem into perspective, and the municipal government authorities took action and banned the sale and consumption of alcohol.

Drastic times call for desperate measures. It's a long and hard battle against the difficult world of addiction in Nueva Frontera.

Local churches have since joined forces with local authorities, World Vision and other NGO's to train community members on topics related to a culture of peace in place of violence. Workshops were offered to educate the community about the dangers of alcoholism and drug dependence. Participants were educated on the harmful effects that drugs have on the body, on their families and on the social fabric of the community.

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The workshops also encouraged a culture of peace, supporting neighbors and leading a healthy lifestyle. The high school groups were particularly targeted to prevent youth from engaging in dangerous gang or drug-dealing activity.

This church group knows that to grow and develop as a civilized community, it starts with caring for each other as neighbours. In the Nueva Frontera community, hundreds of people are learning how to manage their addictions and avoid alcohol and other toxic substances.

Many individuals have been triumphant in their battle with alcohol and drug dependencies. One participant, Carlos, says, "This philosophy brings along great support and messages for hope. The church gives us a space to reflect, think and learn the value of things we have that are around us."