Clean water made accessible

Apr 28, 2017
By Joseline N. Annan; Edited by Leanna Cappiello

​Not long ago, the lack of clean water was a major concern to the Nadowli community. As their major source of water was not suitable for consumption, schools, households and farms were affected.

Since the occupation of many locals in the community is farming - involving the raising of animals and yielding maize, cassava and yam - accessible water is a big deal.

The Assistant Headmaster of the local school said that the lack of clean water was affecting the attendance of students, and their hygiene, which had a negative effect on their learning. Asana, a primary student, says, “The borehole has come to save us from carrying buckets of water to school daily which [was] more of a punishment to us.”
Mary, a resident of the community, said she used to send her daughter to get the water for the household. “My daughter was nearly hit by a motor bike three years ago because she was crossing the road in search of water,” Mary recalls.

The community first attempted to install a solar borehole several years ago, but because of the nature of the uphill landscape, it was a challenge to get to the location. As a result, the majority of the people fetched water from the local river instead. The same water was used to wash clothes, irrigate the crops, feed animals and even for swimming and bathing. These activities contaminated the river, and an influx of malaria, diarrhea and other water-borne diseases broke out among the people.

World Vision collaborated with Project Maji to provide a new and improved solar-powered borehole that will serve the school, the community and family households. This time, in a more accessible location for the hill-heavy landscape.

“Now that we have a solar mechanized borehole right in the school, I am at peace. Thank you so much for this water facility, it is a big relief for us knowing that our children are now enjoying safe drinking water in school,” says Mary.

“I am happy to have water on my school compound. I don’t have to go home to drink water when the teacher is teaching,” says little Asana.

The borehole has brought potable, clean water to the students, community members and working farmers across Nadowli, encouraging safe and efficient water collection, heathy diets and good hygiene for all.