The Family That Succeeds Together

Oct 28, 2016
By George Mhango; Edited by Katie Hackett

Mwanza’s family has come a long way. For years, his three kids went without enough food or proper clothing. Today, Mwanza and his wife, Emelda, are role models in the community because of what they’ve achieved.

A few years ago, the couple joined a farming cooperative. With World Vision’s support they were trained in dairy farming and seed multiplication. Their group received a refrigeration system and generator to keep the milk they produced fresh.

“I was given one dairy cow, which has given birth to seven more—meaning that I have eight dairy cows now,”
says Mwanza. “I am able to supply milk to the cooperative for business and earn more money than before.”

“I was a regular victim of food handouts, but this kind of farming has put my family on a positive scale,” he says.

The family’s life has improved, and beyond that, other community members are benefitting from Mwanza’s success as well.

Since producing milk, they’ve bought a car, a maize mill and a motorbike, and provided job opportunities by employing people to care for the cows and operate the mill.

Mwanza and Emelda are able to send their daughters to a private secondary school. Entry to public high schools are competitive, so this ensures the girls are guaranteed an education.

“I am now a financially blessed person. I don’t complain much about how and what to feed my family, even school fees,” says Mwanza. “I have what a family needs.”

Invest in the future of a farmer. Give families a source of income with training, seeds and tools.

“We eat a balanced meal and drink a lot of milk daily—that is why I look healthier,” says Daniel, who’s in Grade 8. “Sometimes, we used to fight over food.”

The baby of the family says they all work hand in hand with their parents, helping with the cows and farming. As he says, this will give them the “spirit of self-dependence” for when they grow up.

“As a mother, I am now happy because we have anything that we desire to service our family,” Emelda says.