Planting "Green" Bombs

Jan 09, 2017
By Jose Oviedo Gomez; Edited by Katie Hackett 

More than 450 children, youth and adults have worked together to combat hunger by planting "green bombs" throughout Costa Rica. The bombs, made of mud, clay and seeds, are a teaching tool to motivate people to naturally grow food and fight hunger without using pesticides or overworking the land. 

"The green bombs are very appropriate for opening dialogue with children and communities in a playful way," says Alejandro Guevara, who works for World Vision in Costa Rica. "Mud invites us to use our hands and be part of change."

World Vision led workshops where kids learned to distribute the bombs in their homes, schools and communities. Nearly 4,000 green bombs ultimately released about 15,000 seeds into the environment.

"The application of seed bombs contributes to the proper functioning of agriculture and returns us to be one with the earth," says Dona Rodriguez, a community member.

"The issue of hunger should not be addressed out of fear or guilt. You should approach it from the actions of everyday life: my responsibility to the water while brushing my teeth, my responsibility with food waste," says Alejandro. "Imagine that in Latin America, on average, we throw away about 220 kilos of food a year. That happens in my house every day, and that is where I can take action."

By planting green bombs, Costa Ricans are learning about the importance of renewing green life in the country where they live, and increasing access to food for those less fortunate.

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