Family changes

Oct 28, 2016
By Andrey Urbina; Edited by Katie Hackett

Raising sons and daughters can be a complicated endeavor. In Costa Rica, family issues can sometimes be linked back to parents' own upbringings that involved harsh discipline.

When parents repeat these kinds of patterns with their own children, the cycle of negativity continues. 

To create more supportive home environments for children, World Vision has started teaching "Creative Parenting" workshops, emphasizing the importance of love and tenderness rather than violence.

"My husband used to shout, not allowing me to speak, nor express my ideas. Now he listens to me and tries to put into practice the advice I give him," says Doña Martha, 46. "He has improved the way we educate our kids."

Simple techniques like deep breathing, attentive listening and sharing quality time with children are making a difference among families.

Doña Flor is 42, with two children. After attending the workshops, she says she's been able to manage her anxiety and improve her relationship with her kids. Before the workshops she was very overprotective, and held them back from opportunities that were good for them.

"The time I shared with other parents in the workshops allowed me to realize that there were things that I was not handling well," says Doña Flor. "I realized that I was not the only one that goes through difficult situations with their children, and the most important [thing] is that I have made new friends who give me support."

Changing habits are difficult, but not impossible. Equipped with effective habits and the right social support, these families are headed in a more positive direction.

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