A special space helps kids love to read

Jan 26, 2017
By Jonatan Del Alamo; Edited by Jeannine d’Entremont-Farrar

When Milagros remembers the old room in her house, she sees her notebooks and books lying on the floor, some even with food on them.

“Sometimes, I saw the big mess, I did not want to s​tudy or read; I was not comfortable,” she recalls. “It was difficult for me to stay focused every time I did my homework.”

In Milagros’ community, World Vision is encouraging kids to read more—both at school and at home. Through special workshops, parents have been learning ways to motivate their children to read, like giving them comfortable places to study at home.

Since money to buy furniture can be scarce, moms were shown how to build cabinets out of old fruit boxes and other recyclable materials, making the new reading space a fun and friendly place.
"It’s different now,” says Milagros. “Since my mom organized and decorated my reading space, all my notebooks and books are sorted. I have my own desk to sit down and do my homework and I can draw and paint with my favourite colours. My reading space is my special place. I can concentrate and now I enjoy reading.”
Now, Milagros has discovered new passions like reading, painting and drawing. She’s decided to become a veterinarian because she loves animals, which is why she also likes spending time with her pets: a dog named Migosh and a cat named Asereto.
Milagros has also discovered her favourite kinds of stories. "Before, I didn’t read much, but now I really like fables because the characters are usually animals, and in the end, they always teach me something,” she explains.
“I read them with my mom; we both have fun and laugh together with the stories. When I don’t  understand something, my mom helps me with my homework".

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