A new home, a new hope

Feb 23, 2014

Eulalia was elated. 

“Now we won’t fall!” she exclaimed. She had just been handed the keys to her new home.  

For years, the mother of seven has raised her family in a dilapidated shack. Rotted wood walls let in the cold and frequently the rain as well. Another worry for any mother of young ones: her children were constantly slipping and hurting themselves on the rain-soaked floor.   

For 22 years, Eulalia has lived in this community. Even though she constantly struggled in terrible conditions, her neighbours didn’t have the means to help. She became hopeless that her situation would ever improve.

When World Vision came into Eulalia’s community, it was obvious that the large family was in need of serious help. Canadian families sponsored four of her children, and recognizing the family’s precarious living situation, World Vision came alongside Eulalia to support her in building a better home. The entire family was involved in the construction process.

“This is a light on the path,” Eulalia said, through tears, when everything was complete.
Now, she’s expecting to see far fewer bumps and bruises on her children’s bodies from slipping on the flooded wet floor. Beyond that, she says her children can now live with dignity in their community. Their neighbours are also happy to see that Eulalia and her children finally have a safe, dry home.

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