Salvadorians working together for greater good

May 11, 2017
By Katia Maldonado; Edited by Leanna Cappiello

“A clean community, free of diseases, and with well-nourished children is the community we all dream of and for which we work”, says Clara, a 27-year old woman who works with the food program, run by World Vision.

The local community has suffered from hunger because of drought during the summer months a couple of years ago. Many families were impacted, which is why World Vision sought the support of the World Food Program, along with local stakeholders, to provide food in exchange for community service work.

Clara walks with the machete in her hand, and along with her husband. Their children go to the green area that surrounds the well that supplies water for them. Together they cut, sweep, and clean the place for a better community. “For us, it is a contribution to our community and we do it especially for children so that they live better,” she says. 

Clara has always been dedicated to selling traditional food in her community, generating income for her family. Her husband works in agriculture. They both work hard for their two children.

Clara is an entrepreneurial woman and an excellent community leader. She encourages the men and women in her small group who - in exchange for food aid - are cleaning and improving work among the community.

Community members received training on a variety of subjects, all with the goal of keeping each other, and their children, safe and healthy. 

Participants also complete chores such as cleaning wells, local schools and cleaning to conserve green areas. 

“We are Salvadorians working for a clean community”, says Clara, full of pride, “and we will continue working hand in hand with World Vision to make things new."

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