The joy of reading

Jul 20, 2017

Valentina, an 11-year old sponsored child, is in the sixth grade. She’s part of a group of 43 children who participate in the ‘I Read, Comment, Imagine and Believe’ (IRCIB) program. The program aims to improve reading skills of children studying in rural schools, a teaching method promoted by World Vision.

Valentina is a peer tutor of one of the reading clubs established through the IRCIB program.

On Tuesday mornings, she gathers at school with a group of five children. They talk about the books they are each currently reading, and even share poems and stories they’ve written.

“I am very glad for being part of this Readers Club because thanks to reading I lost my shyness… I feel more confident when speaking in public and expressing my thoughts,” Valentina shares.

Even the school’s principal has noticed a significant change in Valentina’s reading habits. “Valentina is an example of the success of the IRCIB teaching method,” he says. “Students have substantially progress in their reading habits.”

Based on Valentina’s newfound confidence and reading skills, she is now considered a child leader in her school.

Not only does the IRCB method help Valentina improve her skills and aid her shyness, it also fuels her imagination. “Reading, apart from helping me improve my spelling and composition skills, is fun because when I read I am able to travel to far-away worlds and get to know other places and cultures thanks to my imagination,” said Valentina. 

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