Jennifer Turns Things Around at School

Nov 09, 2016
By World Vision Nicaragua; Edited by Katie Hackett

​“I wasn’t interested in my classes,” says Jennifer. “At age ten I didn’t know how to read or write. I had been in the same grade for four years.”

She would come to school late, leave early or skip class altogether to go buy sweets. Year after year she was failing her class. But when Jennifer re-entered Grade 2 for the fifth time, something changed.

“I started to push myself, to learn to read and improve my grades,” she says. “I am the first to arrive and I don’t leave, thanks to my teacher Melania who has also helped me.”

World Vision provided Jennifer’s school with backpacks full of books for the students to borrow and enjoy.
“I was one of the first to take one of the backpacks,” says Jennifer. “I have read all the books that came in them. I’ve also read other books that l loaned from school. This has helped me improve reading and writing and my grades.”

Today she helps lead a reading club at school. Thanks to her enthusiasm, her grandparents have even become readers as well.

“My classmates are surprised when I step forward to read, and see how I have progressed,” Jennifer says. “I still need to work but I am willing to improve and not skip classes again. I hope someday be a lawyer or doctor."

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