Coffee crops a success!

Oct 28, 2016
By World Vision Thailand; Edited by Katie Hackett

Dong is ten years old, living with his family in a rural village in northern Thailand.

Like most people in their village, his parents grew corn and cabbage. The crops suffered because of droughts, and brought low prices in comparison to the work required to farm them.

Dong’s parents, Supachai and Nagua, weren’t earning enough to feed their four children. They barely had enough to cover their mounting debts.
Without money for food, medical expenses, school uniforms, shoes or blankets during the winter, this endless cycle brought hardship on the family. Dong was at risk of dropping out of school.
When he was sponsored, things took a different turn. The extra support—like help with school supplies and uniforms—made a big difference.
“I’ve been dreaming for a long time but never thought I would have school uniforms to wear just like other children,” says Dong. “I like going to school the most.”
He walks to school with his friends and enjoys math. When he grows up, Dong says he might join the army.
Dong’s parents received training from World Vision growing a new crop: coffee. They received 180 trees, which they planted in the community forest. The income they’ve earned has surprised the couple, who now have enough to pay for their daily expenses, buy clothes for their children and save for future needs.
“Growing coffee has helped my family tremendously,” says Nagua. “Our income has continuously gone up. I’m really happy that this project has helped my family to live and eat better. The community has more income from the establishment of coffee-growing groups.”
“We are determined to put our savings in the bank until our four children can complete their bachelor’s degrees,” adds Dong’s dad, Supachai, with a smile.

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