Sponsor journals: a heart for Cambodia

Jul 19, 2017
By Jennie Paasche; Kim Rupnarain

Jennie Paasche has been a World Vision sponsor for more than a decade. She has travelled to Cambodia twice to visit both of her sponsored children, Phearun and Sokleng. This is her story.

I am very proud to be a sponsor. I got involved over 13 years ago after watching an ad on TV early one morning on my day off from work.

My first sponsored child was a precious boy from Cambodia named Phearun. Over nine years, he wrote me 55 letters, each of which deeply touched my heart. I eventually decided that I had to meet him in person. Canadian sponsor Jennie Paasche visits with school children in Ksach Kandal, Cambodia. Photo: Jennie Paasche/World Vision.

With the help of the World Vision staff, I had an unforgettable experience visiting him, his elder sister, and her young child. Over the years, Phearun grew up and found a job. I was so happy that I had been able to make a difference in his life, but I couldn't stop there.

I decided to sponsor another Cambodian child, this time a little girl named Sokleng. It only took a year and a half before I was keen to meet her too. In October of 2013, I traveled again to Cambodia, this time to meet Sokleng.

When I arrived, I had a chance to visit a local school in her community, where the children proudly showed me how they’d been taught to wash their hands. They also took me to the library, where books had been purchased with the support of sponsors like me.

Have you ever dreamed of visiting your sponsored child? Let's plan your visit!