Testimonials from the Kounkane Community

Jan 09, 2017
By Alegnesy Bies

As World Vision’s time in the Kounkane community nears its end, children, parents and community members share some of the achievements that have made the biggest difference in their lives. Read on for a few personal testimonies, made possible because of your sponsorship.

"There is a big change in my school thanks to World Vision. We don’t have temporary shelters anymore, and we have comfortable tables and benches. My school has become more attractive and safer for me and my friends. I would like to thank World Vision for that.”

-Habibou, 12 years old

"Before, people from my community didn’t take into consideration children and didn’t respect their rights. But since the arrival of World Vision within the community, we now know our rights and we participate actively.”

-Idrissa, 12 years old

"The market garden in the village, which was established with the support of World Vision, is very important for the whole community. I can feed my family diverse food with fresh vegetables from my plot, and the money helps me to pay for school items for my children."

-Coumba, mother and vegetable seller

"When my husband died, I remained devastated and hopeless. I could not imagine how to take care of the children after the death of their father. One child is disabled. I wept but for only a short moment. When World Vision came, they provided a bike for my daughter so she could attend school properly. World Vision also helped me to start a garden and a chicken coop to improve my income. I will never stop thanking World Vision, and I bless the sponsors for their immeasurable support in the life of my family."

-Woury Bella, mother of a sponsored child

“Since World Vision has settled in our community, we have seen remarkable changes in health, education, food security and child protection. The number of children who are registered at birth has increased, on the other side, violence and child abuse has decreased. We thank the sponsors for their contribution in improving our lives and especially that of our children.

-Boubacar Balde, city council member

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