Mamadou's community learns to accept him

Oct 19, 2016

By World Vision Senegal; Edited by Katie Hackett

Mamadou and his mom were marginalized from everyone in their community. Mamadou was born with a disability that prevented him from using his arms and legs. When he wasn’t asleep, he was often agitated.

By the age of four, he still resembled an infant. Neighbours and relatives called him “snake child” and urged his mom to remove him from their community.

Mamadou’s mom experienced harsh criticism. She was ostracized. Without friends or support, she was in a desperate situation.
When World Vision staff met Mamadou, the recognized the family’s difficult situation and enrolled him for sponsorship. With the extra support, he’s been able to get expert medical care in Dakar.
It’s made a huge difference. Today Mamadou can hear and has started regaining use of his limbs. He’s less agitated these days.
“Before, I was desperate, but when I see the progress that my child is making and the changes in his behaviour, I have hope,” says his mom.
In the meantime, attitudes within the community have changed toward both of them.
"I am pleasantly surprised when I see sometimes my friends and neighbours taking Mamadou in their arms to cheer him up,” she continues. “Thanks to your courage and your determination, you're rescuing the most vulnerable members of the community and you are contributing a lot to the change of our habits and beliefs.”

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