Child sponsorship: Not just about the kids

Oct 06, 2016

By World Vision Mali; Edited by Katie Hackett 

“I thought sponsorship was a relationship between the children and the sponsors, but actually, my parents also enjoy the World Vision sponsorship program,” says Karia, laughing at her mom and dad.

At 11 years old, Karia is joyful and full of life. She never misses a chance to tease her siblings, friends and yes, even her parents.

Karia’s dad Sidiki is eager to talk about the impacts of World Vision’s work in Koloni. He says at first, he was especially grateful to have the burden of school expenses lifted, since Karia and her siblings received support with supplies like pencils and notebooks.

Last year, families across Koloni received treated mosquito nets. Now Karia’s family sleeps easier at night knowing they are protected against malaria.

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The whole family sees their sponsor relationship as an opportunity to learn. Karia likes exchanging letters with her sponsor, and the ones she receives are full of encouragement.

“My sponsor always tells me to study hard and her letters also tell my parents to protect me and my siblings. My parents like when I receive a letter. We all sit together and I read the letter loudly. I read like the teacher in my class,” Karia says with a smile. ‘‘I want to become a teacher one day so that I will contribute to educating other children.”

“We really thank World Vision and sponsors for supporting us,” says Sidiki. “The program has taken away many of our concerns related to the health and good care of our children.”