The Buzz on Beekeeping

Jan 05, 2017
By Katana Bosetti

​In September of 2016, Child Sponsorship Ambassador Katana Bosetti traveled to Tanzania to visit children and their families. While there, she met one unforgettable character, a beekeeper named Ernest. 

It was a bright, sunny, day as we drove through Kilago. As we approached a small cluster of mud and thatch homes, I saw an elderly gentleman standing under a tree waiting for us. He seemed shy as we drove up but as soon the doors to our vehicles opened, he greeted us with a giant, genuine smile. His name: Ernest Mazigwa. His passion: beekeeping. 

Ernest was educated by his grandfather at a very young age about beekeeping and he made it his life’s work. When World Vision began working in Kilago in 2013, Ernest joined training to learn about modern beekeeping and how to improve production. 

“I started with minimal production of honey before World Vision's support,” Ernest told me. Immediately after his training he was given 18 bee hives and then made 10 more on his own through the education he was provided. 

“I have 48 now!” he said, beaming with delight. 

Ernest was very animated and proud, as he let me know how his community has benefitted from his bee farm. 

“They are buying my honey, using it for food for their children and are now healthier.” He told us there is a big difference in his income with the modern beehives and as a result, he is now able to help send his grandchildren to school. 

“My big hope is to make my farm a learning center for other farmers in the community who have yet to receive training,” he said. 

As I parted ways with Ernest and our vehicles drove off, I couldn’t help but smile. It was made very clear that the training Ernest was provided through World Vision helped transform his career and thus, his life. 

I am confident that with his knowledge and passion for beekeeping, his biggest hope of leading others to better their lives and their community will come true. 

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