Fishing for a better future

Jan 05, 2017
By Stan Barriault 

In September of 2016, Child Sponsorship Ambassador Stan Barriault traveled to Tanzania to visit children and their families. While there, he met one industrious father using fish to further his family.

On my first day visiting families in Tanzania, I met a fish farmer named Salumu Daudi. Salumu was a very lively gentleman, who was eager to show us his ponds filled with tilapia and catfish. 

He smiled as he explained how, through World Vision, he received 1000 baby fish and training to start farming fish. I looked at the five ponds he gestured to and was amazed at the work that was done to dig them by hand. 

It was clear that there is no easy way here, only hard work and determination.  We did not speak the same language, but I could hear the pride and excitement in his voice as he shared his story. 

Salumu started with one pond and only tilapia fish which was a great success. He was encouraged to continue with the tilapia and to try catfish and more ponds. I felt excited for him when he told us that he can harvest the fish every six months for the market, which provides money and food for his family. 

Though he is well on his way, there is much more to come. As we stood close to the pond and watched fish splash and flop around in Salumu’s net, I listened through our translator about his dream of adding more ponds and providing jobs for his neighbours. He smiled when he proudly said that he is now a role model for his community, sharing his knowledge about fish farming with others.  

I am honoured to have met Salumu, who is also a great role model for his family. Through Child Sponsorship, lives like his have been changed forever.   

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