Joyce Avoids Her "Last Resort"

Jan 09, 2017
By World Vision Uganda; Edited by Katie Hackett 

At age 18, Joyce was in a bad place. Her parents had stopped supporting her education and were pressuring her to get married. But Joyce had ambition. She wanted to keep studying. Unfortunately she didn’t have any money for her daily needs, let alone school expenses.

“I was thinking of marriage as the last resort in life,” says Joyce. “I thought I was useless in the community and had no friends to advise me. Men used to disturb me, thinking that I was [only good for marriage].”

Community volunteers took note of Joyce’s ambition and potential, and World Vision staff realized that she would be a good candidate for vocational training.

“I went back to school and I learned tailoring,” Joyce says. “World Vision supported me with school fees, bought a sewing machine for me and a bicycle for going to school.”

Now 22, Joyce says she’s living a happy life as a tailor in Kamuda.

“I’m respected in the community and people ask me to make their clothes,” she says. “I know I am going to be a good woman in the future.”

Joyce looks forward to supporting her younger brothers and sisters, and other young people in the community as well: “I hope to be a trainer for tailoring, teaching other girls and boys to make clothes so they can also earn a good living.”

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