A Story of Transformation

Dec 13, 2016
By World Vision Zambia; Edited by Katie Hackett

Boyd is a father of ten with a successful honey bee business in Kalomo.

He was farming bees before World Vision partnered with the community, but his yields weren’t significant.

“We were doing traditional bee farming,” he remembers.

Wanting to help boost the productivity of farmers like Boyd, World Vision provided training in newer beekeeping techniques.
“[Now] we are using modern beehives,” he explains. “With the new beehives you can harvest a lot compared to the old system.”
Twice a year, Boyd harvests 200 litres of honey, which brings him an impressive profit, and World Vision has helped him network with local businesses that will sell his honey. 
The money has helped him purchase cattle, goats, chickens and fertilizer for his farm, and renovate his large family’s home.
In fact, he’s currently building a second house in town, where his children can live while they attend school there.
“The difference in our lives is very big. With the modern beehives I’ve managed to save money,” he says. “I can now manage to [send] the children to school.”
But Boyd isn’t content with his current success – he has big dreams for the future of his business.

“We want to now increase the beehives,” he says, “and open a shop in town.”
Boyd’s family is one of many that have improved their lives with the support of Canadian sponsors. During our partnership with the Kalomo community:
  • 2,800 vulnerable families increased their income through training in vegetable and livestock farming, beekeeping and entrepreneurship.
  • Over 400 farmers were trained in animal breeding and disease control.
  • 51 women’s groups were established for women to access small loans and learn skills like craft-making and gardening.
Help a hardworking family provide for their children. Invest in a small business.