Reading empowers girls

Jul 19, 2017
By Didier Nagifi; Edited by Leanna Cappiello

Saverine, a sponsored child, struggled often while reading in school. So, she joined a Reading Club to improve her literacy skills.

World Vision has trained 30 community volunteers to lead reading clubs for children in areas like Kabondo. The reading clubs were originally created under Ledia: a sponsorship program in the DRC capital, which means "A new thing is coming to the village."  And so it is.

World Vision has equipped the clubs with a variety of educational, and even spiritual, reading materials. The goal is strengthening the children's capacity for reading, writing and comprehension.

Determined to improve the quality of her reading, Saverine participated in her reading club with discipline and dedication. Three months later, her reading has improved so much that she has been encouraged to become a reader at her church.

"I know not only how to read and write but how to understand the contents of what I read," Saverine says, smiling.

Today, Saverine is not afraid of the crowd while she reads. She dreams of becoming a religious sister, especially to help shape the lives of children.

Help a child realize their full potential. Give the gift of education.