The Joy a Swing Can Bring

Jul 20, 2017
By Francine Obura; Edited by Leanna Cappiello

In 1993, World Vision constructed kindergarten classrooms in one village school in Jigiya. Nearly 40 students age three to six benefited from this improvement.

Two years later, World Vision constructed two new classrooms, expanding its capacity to 82 young students. Carousels and swings were also added into the school playground. The construction project began with the classrooms and continued with latrines and office upgrades.

By 2010, World Vision had fully constructed the early childhood school and playground. Among all the changes, the young student’s favorite thing has been the swing set.

Every morning, they run, jump, sit and play until they are called in by their teachers. Then it’s off to the classrooms for the day. Everyone can hear them singing, reciting poetry, learning the alphabet, even reading aloud. The swings have been pivotal in the spirit of the school.

Before the construction of the first kindergarten playground in 1993, the village counted only two literate people. But today, 50 villagers know how to read and write.

With the help of World Vision and local teachers, at least 10 people who started their education at this school attained a diploma in continued education, and are now contributing members of society.

The construction and improvements offer a safe, spirited educational environment for children to learn and grow. Now, students acquire fundamental life skills, like basic hygiene and cooking, as well as improve village-wide literacy. 

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