From victim to victory

Apr 25, 2017
While working her job in a bread factory, 13-year-old Joytun went into the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. While nibbling her food, her scarf caught on the stove and a fire quickly enveloped the young girl in a cooking flame. 

Her whole body was trapped in the fire, from her face to her hips. In severe pain and shock, she was rushed to a mission hospital. Her skin was badly damaged, leaving lasting scars.

Joytun received emergency assistance and treatment at the hospital. The nurses recommended plastic surgery abroad to continue with optimal healing. But Joytun's mother worried that they would take her daughter from her, send her overseas and have someone else adopt her. So, Joytun and her mother fled the hospital.

Joytun's skin lost a lot of its elasticity and she'll need skin grafts or possibly surgery to make a full recovery. Because of the vicious effects of the accident, she is severely limited by what she can do and where she can work.

She once had dreams about her future, but grew to fear the worst: that she wouldn't be good enough for a bright future or to marry into a kind and loving family. She didn't feel worthy of someone who will love her just as she is.

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