"Life was a struggle to survive"

Mar 12, 2014

By Tessema Getahun; Katie Hackett

​“Life was a struggle to survive every day,” remembers Askual. “Me and my six children – four girls and two boys – usually ate one meal a day.” 
For years, the single mother was striving to provide for her children but constantly falling short. In a difficult and dry climate, she couldn’t grow enough grain to make a profit and feed her family.
Recognizing Askual’s precarious situation and strong work ethic, World Vision helped with the installation of a well and water pump, which she could use to irrigate a fruit garden.
“Using the well and the pump, I’ve been able to grow different types of fruit trees,” she says. “More than 300 fruit trees, including apples, mangos, lemons, oranges, and guavas.”
Today, she sells her fruit at the market for a good price.

“Now, I feed my children nutritious food and provide them with school materials,” she says. “The income from my farm has helped me to buy a cow, which gives me nine litres of milk every day.”
The farm expanded when Askual saved enough to purchase another water pump. Now she irrigates a second hectare of land where she grows peppers.
Askual is proud of her achievements and the respect she receives from people in her village. And she is happy because her children now get not only enough food, but nutritious food that gives them energy to grow and learn. 

“I study hard to be a medical doctor,” says Fana, age twelve. Her younger sister Ruth adds, “I want to be a teacher.” 

Like her daughters, Askual has a goal in mind, too.
“My next plan is to build a house in town to give my children better education and opportunities,” she discloses.

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