When schools and sponsors meet

Oct 21, 2016
By Cheryl Pitchford

​In September 2016, Markham, Ont. resident, Cheryl Pitchford, traveled to Tanzania as a World Vision Child Sponsorship Ambassador. Here she met children and families whose lives were transformed with help from Canadian sponsors. 

Ode to Joy! From the moment I heard the joyful sounds of children singing "Welcome sponsors!" at Gembe Primary School, my heart was captured. They had been waiting some time to meet us so they enthusiastically gathered around shaking our hands and expressing their thanks—“Asante!" At the back of the schoolyard I saw 12 enclosed latrines that World Vision Canada had funded for their school. It's somewhat overwhelming to see how the teachers and students are so grateful for things that we take for granted! 

It was a pleasure to bring school supplies so graciously donated by caring Canadians for teachers and students. As I glanced into the eyes of these rambunctious children and saw the pleasure they derived from simply throwing and catching the soccer ball my heart was touched beyond measure! There is hope here in World Vision's Isagehe community because of generous Canadians who give out of the goodness of their hearts.

 Sponsor a child today! I promise it will change your life, too!