A story of transformation

Dec 13, 2016
By World Vision Tanzania; Edited by Katie Hackett

When World Vision partnered with Isagehe, Ester was in a desperate situation, raising nine children on her own as a single mother. Despite her efforts to earn money, it was never enough.

After she received a dairy cow from World Vision, it started her on a new path. She learned to keep the cow healthy, and her diligence paid off.

“I milked plenty of milk – enough for my family – and started selling the surplus,” she says.
With the earnings, Ester began another business selling bricks to community members. Life was improving.
“I was confident that I could send my children to school and pay for their school fees,” she says. Even with this success, Ester was determined to stay ahead of the curve, so she joined a workshop where she learned to raise poultry.
“I believed I could always learn something new from World Vision,” she explains.
In time, Ester sold a cow, 20 ducks and ten chickens. With those profits, plus bricks she’d set aside from her business, she built a brand new house for her family.
Today, her oldest son Matthew is getting his degree in education and the rest of her children are enrolled in school.
“I had never thought of living an improved life like I have at the moment,” she says. “I always thank God for bringing World Vision into my life.”

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