Bringing an end to domestic abuse

Aug 08, 2017
By Sahr Ngaujah; Edited by Katie Hackett

​Isatu, 42, is happy about the good work being done in her community. Of the accomplishments they’ve made, she’s most proud of the fact that, through the mothers’ club started by World Vision, family violence has seen a major decline.

The mothers’ club has multiple functions. In addition to coaching local moms about family health practices like breastfeeding, balanced diets and going go the health centre when sick, the members have been trained to help settle minor disputes and domestic violence cases in the community.

“We were like beating drums in the hands of our men,” says Isatu, speaking frankly. “But things have changed now.”

Teaching from World Vision has helped transform attitudes among the women, and their families by extension, about healthy family dynamics. That meant challenging the women’s own behaviours as well.

“In the past, we [women] used to beat our children,” Isatu confesses. “But this has also changed due to our involvement with the mothers’ group.”

Children deserve to grow up in a healthy environment where they are free from fear and abuse. In addition to making the community safer for their own children, Isatu and her mothers’ group are helping interrupt a cultural cycle of violence, and hopefully protecting the next generation of children in the process.

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