Meet sponsored child Josefa

Nov 16, 2016
By Pollyana Darrell

 Tall, sturdy, majestic trees stand guard over a cozy-looking wooden cottage. A river flowing past it exudes tranquility and calm.

It's here that we meet Josefa. At age 15, the sponsored teen is soft-spoken, but very sure of what she has to say.

 "I want to thank my sponsors for their gifts, and the opportunity to be sponsored," Josefa says. "My community and my family benefit. Our lives are better because of World Vision."

She smiles as she introduces her older brother, two younger sisters and her dad. Her mom was at work on the day of our visit.

I ask Josefa: what is your heart's desire?

"I would be happy to get some help so that our house can be repaired and I can purchase a computer to help me with my school work," she says. "I like to study everything, but my favourite subjects are Spanish and natural science."

So, what does the future hold for Josefa?

"I want to be a psychologist because I like helping people and being a psychologist will allow me to help lots of people," she declares, adding, "I hope my sponsors will come visit me sometime."

There is a quiet confidence in Josefa that indicates to me that, given the necessary support, she will accomplish her dreams. My hope is that she'll grow to be strong, sturdy and productive in every way" just like the trees that grow in her yard.

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