Ready, prepared and looking forward

Jan 09, 2017
By Ana Maria Motateanu; Edited by Katie Hackett

​Angela is active and chatty, with big black eyes and a playful look on her face.

Like many kids in Romania’s rural areas, she didn’t have opportunities as a young child; the limits of her village were the limits of her universe. Every day, she divided her time between school and helping her parents with chores.

When Angela was sponsored, that reality began to change

“It was my first connection with somebody from outside my village,” she says, looking back on the initial letter she wrote to her Canadian sponsor. But sponsorship didn’t only expand Angela’s world—it enriched her life within the community as well.

She was one of the first kids to join the local children’s club started by World Vision.

“The atmosphere created in the club was a magical one: the vibrant laughter of children, the smell of books and the multi-coloured toys made us feel like we were in a fairytale,” she remembers.

As Angela got older, she became increasingly involved in community life. At the Community Initiative Club, she learned about active citizenship, commitment, social entrepreneurship and leadership. Today she helps lead the club along with her best friends, Sandra and Mihaela.

Together the youth make handmade crafts using the quilling technique, which they sell to raise money for local children in need. They’ve worked to improve the town park and planned community clean-up events as well.

“We are friends and we enjoy doing a lot of things together,” Angela explains. “Apart from making others happy, our heart is happy too.”

She’s been quick to take advantage of any and all opportunities: a World Vision-run summer school where she learned public speaking, fundraising and photography; the school choir, where she performs (and wins!) at local competitions.

Elisabeta Vieru, a World Vision community worker in Dolj, has seen a big difference among youth like Angela over World Vision’s time in the community.

“Children attend classes with pleasure and enjoy a lot the educational activities,” she says. “They have plans for the future and believe in their power.”

Now in Grade 7, Angela dreams of becoming a singer or a teacher. She doesn't know which one just yet, but either way, she knows one thing for sure: "I am ready, prepared and look forward to it.”

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