An oasis of health

Jul 01, 2014
Each week, upwards of 70 children gather at the local health centre in Cilincing with their parents.

This health centre is like an oasis, a "one stop shop"  for expecting moms, children and growing families to receive free health services and learn more about family nutrition and wellbeing. 

World Vision has been supporting Cilincing's health centre since 1998, training health workers on important things like measuring children's weight and height, completing health records and providing local families with the best possible care and education.

Siti, a mother of two young children, says her family is healthier thanks to their efforts. 

"[The health centre] provides counseling on nutrition, and most importantly on exclusive breastfeeding for infants," she says. "There is also counseling on a balanced diet for nursing mothers and on taking care of pregnant women."

Like many people, Siti's husband didn't understand how important it was for Siti to only breastfeed her son Faisal until he was six months old. At first he argued against it, but with extra support from the centre, Siti helped him to understand all of the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding. At four months, Faisal is growing strong.

Susanti, a volunteer in Cilincing for five years, says it takes persistence and hard work, but she enjoys helping her community as she walks door to door, monitoring children's weight and telling families about the health centre's services.

"After a long period of being involved in this field, it turns out to be fun," she says. "It is about helping without expecting any compensation." "The services are good," says Etti, a local mom. "The immunization and vitamins I received have supported my son to be healthy."

Help children start strong with pregnancy and nutrition support for moms.