Sponsored child works to build city of her dreams

Jan 25, 2017
By Julia Carrión; Edited by Leanna Cappiello

Emily is one of several students who had the chance to attend a youth conference, designed to empower young people to make positive changes in their local community and dream about the possibilities for worldwide change. Emily thrived in this environment.

The vibrant 10-year-old has been sponsored through World Vision since she was five years old, and says that as a child she was always spoken to about her rights. She's attended workshops on leadership, health and hygiene, and participates in recreational activities. Now, she's using that education and self-confidence to challenge adults to form a better community environment for everyone.

Through this recent conference, she was asked to build the "City of her Dreams" out of modeling clay and paper. This assignment excited her because she had the chance to engage with children her own age who were also passionate about sustaining the environment and making neighbourhoods safer and more peaceful. Here she is speaking to adults and fellow children about bettering her community.

"I have shared in lovely activities together with many children from several countries, such as El Salvador, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico, and we have gotten along super well with everyone. There are children of many races [and] they are all very friendly and engage in group activities. I love it!"  she exclaimed.

When asked what the City of her Dreams would look like, Emily expressed the desire for more green space in schools, taking better care of the environment and improved education for parents, children and teens.

Emily has become a child leader in her community. Thanks to the generosity of sponsors, she's had the chance to not
only be educated, but to share her ideas with confidence.

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