Seeing remedial classes in action

Aug 09, 2017
By Matilda Filipeau; Edited by Leanna Cappiello 

​World Vision’s health care and education initiatives are making a difference in the West Bank Region.

Earlier this year, World Vision’s Programs Officer, Matilda Filipeau, had the chance to see the impact of World Vision’s projects in West Bank, including visiting a community development centre. Read here about her first-hand experience:

Among the many activities hosted at the centre were the educational classes, run by World Vision trained teachers.

The remedial classes focus on Arabic and mathematics, and plans are underway to add English to the curriculum. The classroom sessions last two hours each, using approved textbooks that are teacher certified through the Ministry of Education. Testing is done prior to the start of classes and each child is re-tested after the sessions are completed to measure his or her learning progress.

Children are also taught the importance of good hygiene despite a lack of water and other essential items, such as soap in many of their homes. Despite these shortages, teachers at the local school have noticed improvements in the children’s hygiene practices.

The kids in the classroom that I visited were enthusiastic in their praise for their teacher and the work they’re doing. Most of them say Arabic is their favourite subject, although there were a few who said they prefer math. They’re looking forward to the possibility of learning English as well, and are grateful for the support of World Vision and its sponsors to allow these classes to happen

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