Cash transfers assisting typhoon survivors

Nov 15, 2016
By Kathryn Dorrell On

One of the harshest repercussions of Typhoon Haiyan is that it pushed the poorest families even deeper into poverty. These are people who lost everything, including their loved ones, homes, and jobs.

Thanks to the generous support of donors who gave to Haiyan fundraising efforts, World Vision has partnered with the UN's World Food Programme to create an ‘unconditional cash transfer’ benefit. This gives people in need $60 for two consecutive months to help them feed themselves and their families.

When asked about the program, Jovy, a young mother who lives in the area, broke into tears. 

“I am very grateful, this is a big help to us,” she says. “I bought my baby vitamins and food for our family.” For Jovy and the rest of the beneficiaries, the money means that food is one less thing to worry about as they struggle to rebuild their lives.

Beneficiaries were identified as very poor and poor families. World Vision then used its ‘last mile mobile solution’ technology to make sure the cash distribution was fast and efficient. Using this system, people presented ID cards that were scanned digitally using staff members' smartphones.

Meanwhile, scores of children, in the moment seemingly oblivious to the challenges brought on by the typhoon, are playing happily nearby, waiting for their parents to collect the aid that will help put food on their tables.