Overwhelming generosity from Mina's sponsor

Oct 19, 2016

At 14, Mina has a kind smile. On a visit to Butwal in April, I had the privilege of spending some time with her family.

They haven’t had it easy. Mina has grown up with three brothers and three sisters, and providing for everyone has been challenging at times.

So when Mina’s sponsor made a big gesture last year—followed by another and another—it left a major impression on the family. It changed the way they live.

About 18 months ago, Mina told me, she received the news that her sponsor had sent her a financial gift. Her first reaction was surprise. With her parents' consultation, she decided to use the money to buy a goat.

“When I bought this goat, it was small, but now it has grown up and had a baby,” she said. “Now I have two goats.”

After purchasing the goat, Mina had enough left over to buy a new school uniform and a bike. Like any teenager, she was eager to tell her friends the good news.

“I managed all my school supplies for the whole year. It was a happy moment for me,” she explained.

A few months later, more news arrived: this time Mina’s sponsor had sent another gift, a bigger one. They were blown away. It was enough for the family to finish the roof on their partially constructed cement house.

“We used to live in a straw home. It was very hot,” Mina said. “I feel very happy and feel more secure here.”

Just two months before my visit in April, the family received word of yet another gift. I asked about their plans for this third present. Mina told me they intended to continue construction on the house, by adding a much-needed door to the exposed front wall.

As I spoke with Mina, her mom and dad listened in. From time to time her dad would add extra explanations. It was clear that they've been overwhelmed by Mina’s sponsor’s generosity. At the same time, her dad was clear that they've worked hard to make every penny go further.

“We don’t depend on the gift, but we want to use it in the proper place and proper way,” Ramjit said earnestly.

The dad makes his living as a vegetable farmer. When he can, he takes work as a day labourer. “I don’t want to sit idle,” he explained.

With his earnings, Ramjit does his best to cover his children’s school expenses and the family’s daily needs. He said at the very least, things are under control and he can provide.

On the day I visited, Mina had just registered for Grade 9. Her dad encourages her to write as much as possible to her sponsor, “to tell her all about herself and where she lives.”

“I really appreciate and thank my sponsor for the support she’s provided for me,” Mina told me.

“What the sponsor did—she did great job for this family,” Ramjit added. “All of your heart and your prayers are appreciated.”

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