Bakery Sweetens Family Life

Oct 28, 2016
By Astrid Zacipa; Edited by Katie Hackett

Ana's kids aren't being held being held back by poverty. That's because Ana's bakery is changing their family's life.

To take their business to the next level, she and her partner received training in pastry-making, marketing and business management. World Vision also provided them with equipment, including an oven. Right now the women produce muffins, cookies, biscuits, cakes, bread and donuts, which they distribute in the community stores.

The earnings are divided equally between the two families.

"The income I have gotten has been invested to improve my house," says Ana. "We expanded the kitchen to have the bakery, but our wish is to move to an owned shop and organize the bakery with display furniture and have a larger place for the business."

Her three children, Martha, 19, Jan Carlo, 17, and Daniel, 13, have all been sponsored. Martha is in her second semester of university now, and the two boys attend high school.

"I used to be very shy. As part of being sponsored I got involved in the meetings of the Peace Builders [club], and now I can talk to the people freely and with confidence," says Martha, as she packs cakes for her mom.

Their dream is to grow the business, bringing their delicious products to more people. Part of their motivation is to show sponsors how much they appreciate the support.

"We always want to do more and more," says Ana, "to let [sponsors] realize that we receive their support with love, and with love we make everything."

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