Support at home, support at school

Aug 09, 2017
By Cattleya Lopes; Edited by Leanna Cappiello

Six-year-old Kiria, like most children her age, loves to play more than anything else. 

This year, Kiria was enrolled in school for the first time. The transition was an overwhelming experience for her. "When she got to school, she did not talk much and was a bit aggressive," says her teacher.

Kiria's behaviour at school is a symptom of her home life. Her mother, Ana, faced problems with her alcohol addiction and wasn't attentive to her daughter's education.

In order to aid her studies and transition into a harmonious school life, Kiria gained the support of a reading program through her school.

Ana received guidance through parent workshops called 'Família Cuidadora', meaning " family care'. Here, Ana found support and solidarity among other mothers in her in her time of need. Ana's awareness also grew when she learned about the importance of Kiria's education.

Both programs, put on by World Vision, have made a real difference in Kiria and Ana's life.

Despite how shy and reserved she is, Kiria has shown rapid improvement in her studies. She is communicative and has a better relationship with her classmates, and her speaking and writing have also improved.

Now, Kiria love to play and learn. "I like to go to school because I can play, draw and sing. When I go home, I also play with my brothers, but I do not forget to do the homework," Kiria shares with excitement.

"World Vision has been a great help to the family through their actions," celebrates Ana.

Help a child realize their full potential. Give the gift of education.