A new world for Karina

Nov 08, 2016
By World Vision Brazil; Edited by Katie Hackett

Through artistic and cultural activities, youth like Karina are developing confidence and a stronger sense of identity in Bom Jardim.

"Through music, I opened my eyes to a new world, where musical notes gained colours and life," says Karina.

She is part of "Cuíca," a group whose name stands for Children Engaged in Culture and Art. They recently produced an album to showcase their talents.

"I have participated in World Vision programs since the beginning, and I feel honoured to be part of a group that works with responsibility, love and affection, to try to change the future of many children and adolescents," says Karina. "I thank everyone who has even remotely contributed to giving us a better future."

Bring harmony to Bom Jardim with the gift of music.