Living with uncertainty

Jul 18, 2017
By Juliet Mondol; Edited by Leanna Cappiello

Mahi, a 6-year-old girl, lives with her parents, Masud and Banu, in a nearby village.

Sadly, helplessness is a familiar feeling for Mahi's parents. "I eat only two times a day. When my parents cannot give me even one time, I have nothing to do but cry," says Mahi.

Banu, her mother, says, "We do not want any harm to our daughter. We wish to do many things for Mahi, but extreme poverty and lack of resources are pulling us back. We are trying our best for her well-being."

"I feel upset when my parents cannot pay my school fees. I fear whether I can continue my school or not. I want to be a teacher in future," Mahi expressed with uncertainty.

Due to an unexpected accident, Masud lives with fractured legs. "Per day, I earn only 150/200 BDT (1.84 to 2.45 USD) from my betel nut shop. This is not enough for three members [of the] family"| we need to take extra care of Mahi: her health, education and food," he says.

The family explained the vicious cycle of not being able to afford medicine. With support, the family may be able to take ownership of their health, work more efficiently and earn better wages.

Despite all this, Mahi hopes for a better future. She says, "I hope my parents will provide me my clothes, books, copies and pen for my education."

Things are looking up for Mahi these days. The smiling girl now reads in her play group in the village school with the help of World's Vision's programming. She says, "I love to go to school and play with my friends. I also like cooking." Little Mahi has big faith in her future.

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