For the love of reading

May 11, 2017
By Jorge Felipe; Edited by Leanna Cappiello

​Isaias is a 12-year-old boy who recently discovered his love of reading.

Upon reaching the sixth grade, he joined World Vision’s reading comprehension program. Something awakened in Isaias, as he was finally given the tools and encouragement to read.

"This year, Isaias has showed interest in reading, he is very active and participatory," says his teacher.

Reading not only improves children’s literacy levels, but also promotes logical thinking and encourages them to use their imagination. A great benefit is that kids are empowered, giving them the confidence to speak in front of others. This applies not just in class, but in their day to day lives. 

“Now I am not afraid to read in front of the class, because reading is exciting," said Isaias, “I am sure that reading will help me to continue studying and achieve my dreams.”

Onelia, director of the community school, says that the teachers have witnessed great progress in the children’s education with the implementation of the program. "We are witnesses of the progress of children who have improved their reading and comprehension... We will continue implementing this program that benefits children in our school and community,” Onelia says.

With the affirmation to move forward with literacy learning, the program will continue aiming to improve kid’s reading skills so they can work toward achieving their dreams.

Help a child realize their full potential. Give the gift of education.