Eggs for Sale!

Sep 04, 2014
By Jose Luis Roca; Katie Hackett

Eight-year-old José lives in Arani with his father and two older brothers, Wilder and Ilber. José never knew his mother, but thankfully he has the care of his grandmother and aunt, who live with the family and make sure the boys are well fed.

Lately, José’s favourite food is eggs, and thanks to the new chicken cooperative in Arani, those are plentiful in his household. When World Vision began a poultry project last year, José’s dad Ausberto was eager to join, and his sons were just as excited. From the beginning, they’ve been involved in caring for the hens – especially Wilder, 13, who goes to training workshops to learn techniques for rearing the chickens.

José is in charge of watering them while Wilder and Ilber feed them and collect the eggs. The majority will be sold, but a portion always goes inside with the boys for breakfast. Support a small business.  

Ausberto remembers how excited they were when World Visionprovided them with the hens and building materials for their pen. "Each day we gather fifty eggs, most for sale, because six eggs are enough for our everyday food,” he says. “The proceeds from the sale of the eggs cover school supplies and materials for my children."

Now, Ausberto is thinking about expanding the business, and the market for eggs in Arani is looking bright because the new chicken cooperative has an exciting prospective client: the local government is interested in buying their eggs for the school breakfast program!

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